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Facebook - Love It - Hate It - Leave It!
Facebook isn’t just about family pictures, wonderful vacations, and re-posting something someone else posted – actually, you can accomplish many things if you...

Using Facebook

Facebook is a social media platform that we all love and love to hate! With so much verbiage in recent years about the negatives of social media, we would be wise in learning how to turn that around and make it work for us. Initially Facebook was created as a relational platform, so let’s use it as that by learning how to make it work to our advantage. 

More Than a Pictures Platform

Facebook isn’t just about family pictures, wonderful vacations, and re-posting something someone else has posted – actually, you can accomplish many things if you utilize Facebook correctly. To quote an article posted to LinkedIn (another social media platform) by Darlene Shortridge; “Finding ways to be different—to set yourself apart—is imperative if you want to not only survive but thrive in today’s economy.” You can do that on Facebook if you take the time to learn how. 

Staging Your Trailer

There are many things you can and/or should know about Facebook to make it work for you. What type of account do you have? Is it personal, business or a public group? Since Facebook was designed to be relational, it might be better to have a personal page where you can introduce and talk about your accomplishments as a writer/author. 

You may not be published yet but does your audience even know you are writing a book? Have you talked about it on Facebook? While you don’t need to reveal the plot and all that goes into your book, talking about it does build anticipation and you do want your audience to be looking forward to the day they can actually purchase your book. 

Your Audience

Who is your audience? Are they in the age bracket that will be on Facebook, or will they be using other social platforms? How do you know that? The genre of the book you are writing to will tell you the age-market you are looking for. Knowing them is a roadmap to getting to the right social media platform that will work for you.
Post and Excite Your Audience

How often do you post? Are you someone who clicks on the thumbs-up icon then goes on to the next picture or statement? Do you make a comment? Do you share? That is all well and good, but you need to actually write a post two or three times a week, but not every day. Keep your audience excited and looking forward to your posts rather than moving past them because they are too many!

Profile Picture

Do you have a website? Is it linked to Facebook? What is your profile picture like? Does it show you as a professional or as a beer drinking, hog riding cowboy? What is the image you want to display for your audience – your readers? Consider having a professional photo made that represents the real you.

Personal versus Business

Do you have a banner? You can actually create a banner on Facebook Business if you have an account there. You need to decide if you want your personal and business accounts separated or do you want them integrated? If you don’t really care, then perhaps a personal page where you can introduce and talk about your book to your family, friends and acquaintances and not worry about a business page is best for you.

Be Consistent

Consistency is supreme. Whether your time allows you to post once a week or once a day, you need to be consistent with it. If you only have time to post once a week then do it and don’t stop doing it because other things get in the way. Or if you’ve established a pattern of two or three times a week to post, then stay in that lane with information for your audience. 

Make sure what you are posting stands for you and not the mantra of someone else. Also, make sure your posts are relevant to the people in your group/audience.

Make Facebook Work For You

There is much more to learn about Facebook and how to make it work for you. Time and patience are needed when you first decide to be serious about utilizing Facebook as a vehicle for building your audience and reaching goals you have set for yourself and your book(s). 

Always remember, We Make Publishing Easy and We Are Here to Help You!

About the Authors: Daniel J. Mawhinney & Darlene Shortridge

Dan & Darlene have a passion and a heart for helping independent authors to successfully publish and market their stories worth telling and messages worth sharing.
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