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Shhh! Rest Your Eyes and Listen!
Have you ever wished you could put your book into an audible book format so that people could listen while they drive, do housework, yard work, or while they just sit and relax? Most authors have thought of doing that but have no clue on how to do it. If you are a serious author, I’m sure that thought has crossed your mind more than once, and with good reason.

Audio Books Increase

Recent statistics show that sales of audio books have reached 2.8 billion dollars since 2017. Additionally, audio book sales are increasing 21-25% per year with one in every eight books sold being audio. In fact, audio books are now out stripping eBooks. Therein is reason to consider putting a voice to your book, but there is a lot to know before you go.

Expand Your Audience Reach

Why so much growth in audio books? In our crazy, busy society people have less time to read whereas an audio book can be listened to and enjoyed while driving, doing tasks around the house, gardening and etcetera. It is a solitary experience that can be enjoyed while doing some of your favorite things without conflicting with a busy schedule. In many cases, audio books can reach and unlock audiences that would not have found you otherwise. Authors feel their message needs to be read/heard by a larger audience, so they utilize audio books to expand their outreach. 

Additionally, advances in technology choices have greatly increased the audience consumption. Now with iPhones, iPads, Kindle, Nook and a plethora of other mobile devices, the choices for listeners are phenomenal and easily made.

Audio books are the fastest growing section of the digital market with Amazon controlling 41% through a platform called ACX. Actually Amazon, iTunes, or Apple books control about 45% of the entire audio market. 
Picking the Narrator

Who should narrate your book? Sometimes an author will choose to narrate their own book; however, that should be done only if the voice is clear, distinct, and without an accent unless one is necessary for the character. If it is a memoir, a non-fiction book, an emotionally charged book, or even a technical book, there are reasons that you, as the author, should deliver the book as a part of your branding. This would be especially true if you are in a position where you are being interviewed, on Podcasts or other outlets.

Reading your book out loud has a lot of hidden benefits. It helps in the editing process, makes you a better writer, grounds you in your content voice and is great practice for public speaking, book signings and podcast quoting. If your book is one that is emotional for you, reading it out loud can serve as a cathartic exercise as well as helping you to connect with your audience. 
Things to Consider

There is a lot to know about doing a good audio book. The path can be challenging and, at times frustrating, but in the long run it can be a very successful experience for you. Don’t try to record the book on your own equipment at home unless you have purchased specific equipment to do so and have a very sound area to do it in. It is important there be no unwanted background noise. You don’t want your cat knocking something off the counter and hearing it crash in your recording unless that is written into your book. 

Using a Professional Narrator

Another option is to have your book professionally recorded by people who are specifically trained. It isn’t a simple thing to do and often times takes several recording sessions before it is finished. Usually, the reader will go over the recording, chapter-by-chapter with the author before the recording is ever considered to be finished and ready for release. This, of course, can be expensive but also presents a very professional product.  

Keep Them Listening

You want a clear, concise reading that will pull your audience in and keep them listening. Poor quality in your recording will only defeat your purpose so be sure to check with experts in this avenue before you jump in. Remember, you can always contact us as "We Make Publishing Easy and We Are Here To Help You!"

About the Authors: Daniel J. Mawhinney & Darlene Shortridge

Dan & Darlene have a passion and a heart for helping independent authors to successfully publish and market their stories worth telling and messages worth sharing.
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