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Making Money

No matter how many books you’ve written you most likely won’t get rich or even make much money from them unless you are a PR genius ready to work really hard to promote them. Yet, you enjoy what you do and you’d love to be able to support yourself – and maybe even your family – through your expertise and joy of writing. How can you do that?

How to Make Money

There are several ways to use your writing skills and make money doing it if you are willing to do the research and put your name out there. First of all, do not allow the words, “I quit.” to enter your vocabulary. Now, having gotten that out of your system, let’s look at a few possibilities for you.

Blog Posts: Do you write a blog for yourself? If you do, then you should have a clickable link in each post that will take your readers to your books on Amazon. IF your reader clicks on that link, goes to Amazon and buys your book then decides to continue shopping in that same trip and buys several other items you will get a percentage of the entire sale, not just the royalties on your book. Sounds like a good deal to me.

Guest Blog Posts: Content is important when writing as a guest on someone else’s blog. What is content? It is specific/knowledgeable writing about a particular subject. It needs to be kept sharp, to the point and lively enough to keep the reader’s attention. You need to be able to present the facts in a concise way with comments that fit the subject. 

Social Media Posts: SMP is the one thing that we either love or hate! Think about Facebook and the times you, or your friends, or family have been locked out of Facebook. You have options for writing on Facebook that can bring in revenue but one of the easiest gigs would be to help entrepreneurs tell their story to their target market. Have you seen something posted on Facebook by a start-up company that intrigues you and has made you think, “I could write that better”? If so, write a blurb and PM it to the entrepreneur and let them see what you can do. Start-ups don’t usually have a lot of money so remember that in quoting them a price.
Ad Copy: Both Google and Facebook display online messaging – ads – on their platforms. Study some of those ads and see if you can write them better, snappier, and more appealing then approach them with a portfolio of your ad compared to one they’ve just run. 

Menu Descriptions: If you are a ‘foody’ and you love to eat out but you hate it when the menu isn’t appealing in its descriptions of the food you are contemplating ordering, then maybe you should step up to the plate - pun intended! Write your own mouth-watering description of the food offered and present it to the owner. One or two will do. Don’t rewrite the entire menu until you’ve been hired.

Business Newsletters: Many businesses are good, even excellent at what they do and the services they offer, but they may be clueless when it comes to writing enticing, informative, and confidence building material. If you like to write short, snappy articles then writing newsletters could be another arrow in your quiver.

Technical Manual: This requires an exclamation mark! Writing a technical manual, in correct English that is concise, easy to understand and follow is a great talent. Think of the many times you’ve purchased something that had to be put together and you couldn’t understand the instructions or some of the guidelines are missing and/or incomplete. Have you said, “I can do better than this.” Then maybe you should do better than that, write the instructions and send them in. 

Review Books: Some authors will pay for a book review – not those of us in the Authors Underground program. But you can get paid for reading a manuscript, expressing your thoughts, and giving feedback. 

Write SEOs: SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is the content that pops up when you are searching for something online and you aren’t sure how to look for something. You have to be able to think like the people who might be looking for this item and write to their thought process. Not an easy gig, but a good one if you are qualified and can get it. We believe you can. 

Above all else, remember "We Make Publishing Easy and We Are Here To Help You!"

About the Authors: Daniel J. Mawhinney & Darlene Shortridge

Dan & Darlene have a passion and a heart for helping independent authors to successfully publish and market their stories worth telling and messages worth sharing.
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