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POD vs Offset Printing
If you are new to the publishing world, you might be wondering just what POD and Offset Printing are and how it affects you. Let’s look at these terms to see which way you would like to go with the next step of being a published author. 

What is POD? POD stands for Print on Demand which means just that. Your book will be printed as it is sold, whether by one copy or a dozen or more. If your book is on Amazon, and it should be, then you can rest assured that it will be POD – Print on Demand. As each book is ordered it will be printed and shipped directly to the customer. Don’t worry, Amazon has this down to a fine science, making it worry-free on your part.

When you are doing POD, you, as the author, won’t receive as much money from the sale of the book but it is worry-free which includes the sale, printing and shipping. Your portion of the sale will be sent directly to your bank account or wherever you’ve authorized it to be sent, on a monthly basis. You can also follow your sales online through Amazon, but that is for another teaching. 

What about Offset Printing? Offset Printing means you order a specific number of books – usually in the 1000's. The books are less expensive to print by doing it this way so you will, in the long run, make more money on the sale of each book. However, you need a storage place that can handle such a large quantity of books. Most of us don’t have a home or garage big enough to devote that much space to storage. Moreover, when ordering books through an Offset Printer, you have to pay for the books in advance then it is up to you to sell them, ship them, store them.
If you are someone that has a large audience, does a lot of public speaking where you can sell your books, then maybe you should investigate Offset Printing. However, you do need to remember that handling them, i.e., shipping them out, etc., will be up to you or your staff whereas POD is user friendly as far as not having to collect, ship, and process the sale.

When you do POD, you do not know who has bought your book which can be a mixed bag. You don’t have their contact information so follow-up with them is impossible, even if they write a review of the book. If, however, you decide to go with Offset Printing and process the sale yourself, you will have contact information for the purchaser to send newsletters, etc. 

Deciding which process to go with is a big decision. Unless you are a well-known entity with a large outlet for your books, then POD is probably the best decision leaving you with time to work on your next book. 
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