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Getting noticed is something we all struggle with, especially those of us who are first time authors. In our heads we know we need to promote ourselves but in that same head are all the questions on “How”. Alison Maloni of Alison May Public Relations was a recent presenter at Author Underground on how to get your book noticed. Alison was quick to suggest multiple ways of building our brands and getting noticed by the media, including social media.

One of the first questions she posed was, “Do you have an up-to-date website?” That is vital and something that needs to be kept updated with quick snips of the tasks that we are doing, working on, etc., including openly talking about a book that we are working on. You don’t have to outline the entire book, or ask for editing, or give away a plot, but just mentioning a line or a character trait or anything that will pique the interest of a reader will work to your advantage. 

Keep your readers involved in your writing life. You can talk about your trials and tribulations in writing, your launch date for your book, anything you feel comfortable sharing. I wouldn’t suggest you talk about your very personal life as this is a public platform. 

Along with being up to date, your website needs to have recent articles you’ve written, blogs that you write, any prior media exposure, classy head shots (her thirteen-year-old daughter takes hers with an iPhone). Also, any videos that you do as long as they are proper for your website. You want valuable content – things that lend credibility to you as an author.
TWITTER! Oh, my goodness, have we ever heard a lot about Twitter! Alison’s advice is to get on Twitter. Now that it has changed hands it will probably grow exponentially and you want to be in on that growth. If you are pitching your book to the media, one of the first places they will go to find out who you are is Twitter so make it a part of you and let it help build your brand. 

Broadcast news is an area that few of us think about but it can be a real asset. Don’t overlook local news; it is usually on 24/7/365. That is a plethora of coverage and they are often looking for local news. If you know someone that works at a local station, that could be your first contact. However, don’t harass them with your information, just clue them in that you are available. They have a short turn around time so if they reach out to you, be prepared. The upside to local news is that their interviews are filmed and they’ll usually let you ‘redo’ them if you ask nicely. 

Digital media is important – it covers a wide range of website, platforms and technical devices and anything from political to spiritual to current events to philosophy. You name it and digital media covers it but you need to do your research to be sure you don’t get on a platform that isn’t conducive to your brand. 

Basically, that is what you are doing with all of these platforms – you are building a brand for yourself. I’m not talking about Yellowstone here – but I am saying you are YOUR brand so be smart in making it represent what you really want. There is more information out there but if you are really interested, checkout Author Underground, listen to Alison’s presentation. 

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