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As authors we sometimes find ourselves in a situation where we are stymied – more commonly known as writer’s block. If this sounds familiar, then maybe you need a little get away to reinvigorate your thoughts. We are talking about the Underground Getaway, September 14 - 17, 2023, to be held in Branson, MO. Check us out at This is a perfect opportunity to re-connect, re-group, re-kindle and re-ignite. 

Normally we don’t push this conference but this year is different. We’ve all faced some pretty horrendous situations and they have shaken us to the core, often robbing us of the momentum we’ve had as authors. Therefore, it is good to get together once-in-a-while to just re-group. Listen to great teachings. Share your hang ups with others and find out how they got beyond their own writing dilemmas to become successful.

At Underground Getaway we will be discussing such things as
Writing – skills and techniques
Marketing – how to and when to
Publishing books – do your own or have an indie do it
Business stuff - filing sales tax
Mindset – attitude over matter

Now don’t go off to another planet thinking you’ve been there and done that and it didn’t help. We are all excited about the possibilities of Underground Getaway and you need to be as well. The cost is beyond reasonable. The subjects are beyond brilliant and the presenters know their stuff and will be sharing that material with you. Where else can you get your buckets refilled for so little cost? 
AND get this. If you have a specific topic you want/need discussed, let us know by contacting us at Tell us what help you need. What training you are looking for. If three people contact us with the same or similar request, then we will be putting together training on that specific topic. Don’t worry, you are not alone. We all have times when we want or need help but we don’t always know how to ask for it. Now is your opportunity. Take the leap and join us. 

Learn how to control and protect what you have, keeping it safe from literary theft. Be there to find the combination to your writing future … share your ideas, listen to those of others. 

We promise there will be great times of learning, joyous laughter, and superb food. What else can you ask for? 

Where you are in your journey is unique to you. We want to meet you there and help you to get the information you need at the time you need it so your next step can be revealed. 

See you in Branson

Remember, "We make publishing easy and we are here to help."

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Dan & Darlene have a passion and a heart for helping independent authors to successfully publish and market their stories worth telling and messages worth sharing.
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