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We help new & established authors to quickly and EASILY publish their books without having to learn a bunch of tech, without the hassle of hiring multiple contractors and without having to take a 2nd mortgage on their house.

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We Make Publishing Easy!

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"As a new author, I was completely clueless as to what I was doing. Dan and Darlene walked me through the whole process of publishing my book, step by step. There is always scepticism and that “too good to be true” feeling when doing something as major as publishing a book, but I have never met such genuine people who truly want the best for their authors. Them being based in the USA and myself being based in the UK and with a great amount of time difference between us, Dan and Darlene were still there, on hand for me 24/7. Not only did they help make my dream of becoming a published author come true, they become dear friends along the way and I look forward to working with them on all of my upcoming books. They truly are a gift from God. Thank you!
Samantha Longstaff, Self-Published Author of: The Lonely Hedgehog
"Before I worked with 40-Day Publishing my Amazon sales were basically non-existent. I knew the only way to make it in this industry was to make it on Amazon. After finding 40-Day Publishing and following their wonderful advice my Amazon sales went from a 20 sale average monthly to over 600 sales monthly and continue to grow. Not only did they increase my sales, but I hit #1 on the Amazon Overall Best Seller list! I believe those numbers speak for themselves, but I highly recommend 40-Day Publishing".
Jennifer McMurrain, Self-Published Author of: Quail Crossings
Jennifer McMurrain
Dan Mawhinney and Darlene Shortridge have developed a masterful program to assist authors in the self-publishing challenge. Their program,40 Day Publishing’s SELF PUB 101, walks the participant through each step of the process from completed manuscript to published book. In addition to their helpful print material, they offer one-on-one coaching services to address issues and questions as they arise. I had three novels, which had been published by a subsidy house, that I wanted to self-publish through Kindle Direct and CreateSpace. Darlene answered all my questions about the process itself as well as giving me very timely and effective advice about pricing and marketing the ebooks. Thanks to her help, I was able to get all three ebooks up and running on Kindle Direct in less than one month and had a successful giveaway campaign that resulted in over 36,400 downloads of the first book in my series. This campaign led to an avalanche of sales afterward for all three ebooks and propelled them into bestseller status in the Kindle Store. I highly recommend the 40 Day Publishing program with SELF PUB 101 and now consider Darlene to be not only a wonderful coach but a trusted friend.
Rosemary Hines, Self-Published Author of:
Out of A Dream, Through the Tears, Into Magnolia, Around the Bend and For a Season
Thank goodness for 40 Day Publishing! As a new author, I understood very little of the book publishing process and went with a well known self-publishing company. Unhappy with book sales, I decided to look for another way to get my second book in print. I believe it was a Divine appointment when 40 Day Publishing came my way.
Darlene and Danny Shortridge have a passion to help other authors. Their wealth of knowledge (gained by personal book publishing experience) has been of great help to me. They have many great ideas on how to promote and advertise books in order to increase sales. Danny and Darlene are excellent consultants and the one-on-one assistance they offer is priceless.
If you want an honest, fair, hard-working team of experts to advise and publish your book, I highly recommend 40 Day Publishing. They will walk you through the process of publication every step of the way. Coach, mentor, consultant, friend are all a part of their approach to making your book a top seller.
Cheryl Zelenka, Self-Published Author of: Facing Storms, Facing Trials and Divine Interruptions
Cheryl Zelenka
We are Senior Citizens who have retired from the world of education and would like to publish books that would be beneficial for parents and teachers.
In the past, we have had some rather unsuccessful experiences publishing our books - we have the boxes in our garage to prove it. Publishing our own books was very expense. The printing costs were very high and in order to get a decent price per book, we had to buy a lot of copies and then along came the marketing headaches.
We met Darlene Shortridge and Daniel Mawhinney at their 40 Day Publishing booth at a local church exhibition. They were giving a showing of Darlene’s books and we began to share our experiences in publishing. Very briefly and professionally, they shared their program that creates digitalized versions as well as paperback and hardbacks. We saw our publishing opportunities in a new and manageable light.
We had already completed one manuscript and had two others in the planning stages. We decided to associate with 40 Day Publishing in completing the production. So far, in working with Daniel and Darlene, we have successfully completed the publishing of three books. They have also established a web site for us and made arrangements for publishing with Amazon. We found them to be totally professional and competent and as a result, we are now fulfilling our dreams of having our books printed and out in the public marketing world.
Peter & Bobbie Pierro, self-published authors of:
Free to Learn, Free to Teach, The Coach’s Toolbox, Breaking the Testing Code
40 Day Publishing helped me with an ‘emergency’ reformatting, despite the fact that it was an emergency I created all by myself. And they gave me some very helpful advice and suggestions, answered all my many questions, and made fixing my mistakes a lot easier. For Volume II of the Adalta Series, I will start with them. I’m sure it will make the whole self-publishing process go a lot more smoothly. I wish I’d learned about them earlier. I made so many mistakes when I published my first book and I could have learned from their experience with their own books and from helping others so successfully. Thank you, Darlene and Dan. Believe me, I’ll be in touch before I even think about publishing the next book.
Sherrill Nilson, self-published author of Karda: Adalta Volume 
KARDA: Adalta Volume I
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